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    5) I wouldn’t expect *either* 25mm rounds or 40mm rounds to be very effective against the front armor of main-battle tanks – but they might be lethal against top or rear armor… How am I doing? 1/35 Bofors 37-40mm A. The L/70 is an anti-aircraft gun 40mm caliber designed and manufactured by the Swedish Company Bofors. Elevation and traverse are powered. EAS produces the combat types High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) and High 1/35 cal 30/cal. 33 S96-50 Stack Vent DD $0. 40mm projectile military dummy ammunition practice rounds. £12. (Photo: Tim NesSmith/USS Kidd Veterans Museum) The USAF Is Rebuilding World War II-Era 40mm Shells for its AC-130U Gunships The service is the last user of the Bofors cannon in the US military and has had to go hunting for more ammunition. A friend of mine is a recently retired AC-130H pilot and said that many of the 40mm Bofors cannons were being replaced by the 30mm Bushmaster cannon due to a lack of reliable 40mm ammo. Looking for an "official" listing of the many varieties of 40mm L/60 projectiles and the color codes used by the US. Title: Pres 030326 3P 40mm Quadruple 40mm L60 Mk2 Bofors T2 Type: AA Gun Rarity: Elite 43 → 108 Rate of Fire: 1. With you, the CCKW 353 of 2 and 1/2 tons, with a 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun in the back. 40mm Bofors L/60 Notes: This round was designed for the Bofors L/60 antiaircraft gun, when it was asked by the Swedish Navy to produce a smaller, lighter version of the 57mm gun then in use as an anti-torpedo boat that Finspong (later bought out by Bofors) had designed for the Swedish Navy In 1900. fuze was developed. Gun with Crew Kit The kit provides three four round ammo clips and a spare barrel with flash suppressor in a packing case for added value Cobbaton Combat Collection . 1/6 us navy 40mm twin bofors anti aircraft gun+dragon gunner ww2 21st hasbro - $199. The dual version of the gun was mounted on an M24 Chaffee tank chassis and was called the M19 Gun Motor Carriage. Good condition. 95 S96-49 Hatch, Oval $0. Introduced in 1932, the Swedish Bofors 40mm excelled in both land and naval roles as an air defense gun - it still sees service today. 4) I would expect a 40mm shell (like the ones fired by a L60 40mm Bofors cannon) would do a lot of damage to an IFV, even fired at the front. It is a digitized computer controlled gun constructed of non-magnetic materials to reduce weight and magnetic signature. 40mm bofors ammo This page describes the most commonly used 40mm low-velocity rounds for the U. 2016. com is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. 21, 1943 photo shows Bofors anti-aircraft guns practicing during the ship's shakedown cruise. This ammunition producing both frag-mentation and blasting results is suffi-cient against aerial and surface targets. 40mm bofors ammo. 70 S96-51 20mm Ready Serv. This kit comes with a variety of ammo boxes and belts for modern US Military, Comes with decals for the boxes as well. 00 US. This is what they were shooting at those kamikaze guys. BrickArms Ammo Weapons Pack Minifigure Scale. The 40 mm grenade is a military grenade caliber for grenade launchers in service with many armed forces. However the total combat load of vehicles fitted with the CTAS gun is really poor, which means despite being optimized for being "small", the stowed kills of a Warrior or Scout-SV with CTAS are still limited compared to other IFVs with smaller guns and missile launchers. S. the hornet's nest -- these 40mm ammo inserts pack some fantastic firepower! made from precision machined aircraft aluminum, the housing is bored out and ten (10) steel rifled . Tripod Mount $1. All results related to bofors 40mm found on 80 scale modeling websites and the scalemates kit database. Buy Bofors L70 Grenade 40mm: GunBroker is the largest seller of Large Bore, Inert & Cannon Ammo Ammunition All Unless you're planning to use it for a very large, very heavy paperweight you'll have to feed it. 49 shipping. 57 mm lvakan m/54: a Bofors 57 mm AA autocannon, big brother to the 40 mm L/70. When the Swedish Bofors company created its light antiaircraft gun in 1934 in near partnership with the German Krupps firm, it is doubtful that anyone would know how wildly successful it would become and how it is still in use nearly 80 years later in both 37mm and 40mm calibers. Navy 40mm Bofors guns during WW2 and surplus ammo has been used since then. This set should do several different ships and would be a great addition to your spare parts stash. It is a huge round. Fact vs. Polish-made Bofors gun after the Battle of the Bzura. It is the first delivery of 515 new 40mm cannons that have been ordered for the British Army for use in the Any Gun can use VTT to shoot at tanks. The Swedish firm of Bofors started developing its famous 40mm anti-aircraft gun in the late 1920s at the request of the Swedish Navy. 00: YVRTO0QDZBULP5TYWSQK: 1/35 AFV Kit: AFV Club: British Version of Bofors 40mm MK III AA GUN: HKD240. F. 1/6th scale customized us navy 40mm twin bofors "pom-pom" anti aircraft gun with custom dragon navy gunner! 40mm L70 Ammunition for the Bofors Guns General 40mm L70 ammunition is designed to be fired with the Bofors 40mm L70 auto-matic anti-aircraft guns. Empty and inert. Airfix 40MM Bofors Gun&Tractor 5 crew 00 scale plastic model kit vintage England. By the end of the year another 180 were ordered, and an agreement was signed authorising manufacture in England. Item: Post War Norwegian 40mm Drill Bofors L70 Rounds in good condition, INERT - F. buy one of each color and save $2 per round. Mk 4 Mount $1. Fully complying with the latest requirements for training ammunition, Rheinmetall 40mm training cartridges truly allow operators to "train as they fight". Reconditioning was started it but but was stopped due to health issues of the owner. The unit is mounted on a US Naval trailer that is from World War 2 also. '' This Jun. Would like to get a couple of 40MM projectiles to make them into dummy rds for display at the shop. Scale Hobbyist makes no claim as to and is not responsible for the fitment, suitability or applicability of any specific product in relation to any other. The Company was acquired in September 2000 by United Defense Industries, but since March 2005 has been a part of BAE Systems AB. This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. 290 guns were manufactured in The Bofors 40mm Automatic Gun L-70 on Field Mounting is a close range anti-aircraft weapon, mounted in a single-barrel mounting on a 4 wheel trailer carriage. The first production version emerged in 1932 and immediately attracted international interest because of its combination of a high performance cartridge with a high and reliable rate of fire. It has the capability to rapidly switch between optimised ammunition types, including programmable 40mm 3P all-target ammo. The Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun The Bofors anti-aircraft gun was developed by a Swedish company in the late twenties and in 1937 the War Office decided to buy 100 guns and 500,000 rounds of ammunition. Since that date, Bofors guns have been placed on virtually all combatant ships and on most non-combatant vessels large enough to support the weight of a 40mm assembly. The Bofors Guns. Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt. Hungarian Nimród Bofors 40 mm - pin by Paolo Marzioli Hungarian tanks, SPGs & armored cars Around 1118 AFVs in service between Models Introduction Hungary built these Swedish licensed 40M Nimrod mobile anti aircraft tanks, that were employed by German forces, due to their quality and good service record. S96-45 40mm Ammo Clip 4x4 $0. BOFORS 40 MK3 NAVAL GUN SYSTEM “Expect The Unexpected” KEY FEATURES • Multi-target capability • 6-mode programmable all-target ammunition • Air burst capability for small boat defence and engagement of concealed targets • 330 rounds per minute rate of fire and super accuracy gives short firing sequences Fine Molds WA32 Bofors 40mm AA Gun Quad Mount with Shield 1/700 From japan. Media in category "Bofors 40 mm gun (naval)" The following 174 files are in this category, out of 174 total. All were impact or impact with self destroying feature. Legal Notice - International Military Antiques, Inc observes all Federal, State and local laws. I googled it and it is an anti aircraft round. By the end of World War II, jet aircraft had so increased the speed of attack that the Bofors simply could I believe this is the current community "preferred" version of battle cannons. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Used by both sides in WWII and in all theaters, improved versions of the 40mm Bofors gun continue to serve in military front lines to this very day. Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 10. Therefore it's no surprise I was amazed that it took nearly 40 years from the beginning of modern 1/35 scale armor kits for a full kit of a 40mm Bofors gun to be offered. £20. Orange Hobby 1/35 40mm L/60 Bofors Ammo for Bronco kit #35028. At least that one still does 100+ damage a shot with a reasonable reload. Folklore; the 40mm “L-60” Bofors Gun By CMSgt Bill Walter, USAF (Ret. Description: The Long Range, White Smoke cartridge launches one Long Range pyrotechnic sub-munition that releases a white smoke agent. 36s → 1. Cut down in length to 7 1/2 inches in length. The gun installation is also designed to minimise turret intrusion: the ammunition is fed in sideways (pushing out the fired case as it does so) then the chamber rotated in line with the barrel to fire. The Nammo PP-HE round is especially designed to take out targets in defilade. Disclaimer: This item is sold for novelty/collectible purposes only, and cannot be transported out of the United State 40mm Shell Casing - Coleman's Military Surplus This is the 1/35 Scale British Bofors & M42 40mm Gum Ammo & Accessory Set From AFV. Its low weight and compact dimensions combine with a long range and a high rate of fire. 00. Comes with cardboard transit tube in only GOOD condition with some of the cardboard deteriorated. How much would a single 40mm HE grenade cost? Update Cancel. What I have found is limited and often in conflict with other sources. The single sub-munition provides a wide area of coverage for training 40mm Ammo Casing, MK 3 Mod 0 Dummy ammo shell casing for display or collection Some bends dings dents scratches and rust. A must have! $100 plu for sale by rprother on GunsAmerica - 912832804 The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Unless otherwise noted the presented statistics below pertain to the Bofors 40mm (Series) model. The objective is an operational 1/20th scale 40mm Bofors Canon. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. £45. Bofors 40mm Automatic Gun M1 U. Buy WWII 40MM Bofors Anti-Aircraft Projectile 1942: GunBroker is the largest seller of Large Bore, Inert & Cannon Ammo Ammunition All The HE-T (SD) and HE-I-T (SD) loads were pretty much the standard for most U. Panzer Art 1/35 C216 British Ammo Boxes (40mm Bofors AA Gun) (6 pieces) RE35-148 Designed for BOFORS, BOFI, TRINITY, OTOBREDA and similar. Fuzes unscrew but projectiles are firmly seated in the cartridge cases. 00 British WW2 40mm Bofors L/40 Shell cases. British WW2 Bofors L40 Ammo Clips. 86. orders placed during this time will be filled when we return on the 28th. 00 Instead of a ship, this time we are discussing a truly global weapon. So it seems your mastery of the English language is at a similar level to that of your mastery of SPAA. ammunition 40mm x 365 for anti-aircraft gun 40mm l/70 bofors The 40mm ammunition family, intended for use in world famous Bofors L/70 design - based weapon systems, probably representatives today’s most versatile and leading ammunition type in field od medium calibre ammunition. ARMY FOURTEENTH AIR FORCE-FLYING TIGERS BLOOD CHIT. That's one of the reasons I like playing WW2online. by BrickArms. 5 seconds. These used an oil hydraulic system and were fitted with a gyro gunsight. **we will be closed from oct 15-27 for a lifetime tag deer hunt (wish me luck!). It is fired by the M320 Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL), which is PROJECTILE – 40MM (BOFORS) Description The 40mm Bofors is an automatic anti-aircraft (AA) gun first manufactured by the Swedish company Bofors in 1930 (40mm L/60) and is the most prolific anti-aircraft weapon ever made. bofors gun, world war ii, wwii, norman hall Historical information . 40mm Bofors L70: Slpprj 95LK/05, I believe is a sub-calibre penetrator. Original stencilling on side of brass case. The total number of AA kills by the Bofors in WWII would need to include kills by Bofors deployed by forces other than the US navy and Merchant Marine, but I have been unable to find any sources for those. Product Description. S144-2 40 MM twin bofors S144-3 40MM quad Bofors S144-4 W/T Door S144-5 5"/38 Single Open Gun S144-6 25 Man Rectangular Raft S144-7 20MM Ready serv. The Model 1936 40mm cannon became the basis for arguably the most famous antiaircraft weapon of World War II. That means that the Bofors penetration would be at least the same as the 2-pounder anti-tank and probably around 10% better. That's right. BOFORS 40MM WWII AA GUN in Detail - Canadian WWII 40MM Inert Products, LLC manufactures and distributes a wide variety of inert, replica ammunition, ranging from solid cast resin replicas to surplus brass dummy ammo. Serving Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and the public. - Page 3 of 11 Chrysler, Gun Maker: Bofors Guns of World War II. PT-174 had a 40mm Bofors gun mounted on her foredeck at Elco’s Bayonne factory. Elco strengthened the deck under where the gun was to be mounted. This gun was the mainstay of low caliber AA guns, used by every nation on the Allies side, and by quite a few axis powers as well. This set Master 1/350 40mm Bofors Barrels, SM-350-081, is for many US, UK and other warship of WW II and contains 20 brass barrels for 40 mm Bofors guns. This initial order was later followed by a license to build them in Britain. The Bofors 40 Mk 4 has the capability to rapidly switch between optimised ammunition types, including programmable 40mm 3P all-target ammo. 60 S96-48 25 Man Oval Life Raft $0. 00: SN4DAJ9GYPALAUULAQQM: 1/35 Gun Barrels: AFV Club: 1/35 Bofors 40mm Ammo(Brass) HKD80. The cost of the ammo is about $1200. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Ships. It became so widely known that anti-aircraft guns in general were often referred to as Bofors guns. It is intended for engaging high speed air-craft flying at low altitude, its chief characteristics being high speeds of elevation and traverse combined with a high rate of fire. The Bofors was the best medium antiaircraft gun of the war. n. Shop Combat Disabled Veterans' Surplus for 40mm Bofors projectile with AP penetrator - CDVS. Starting with the shell casings, the museum reached out to the U. Developed by the Swedish firm Bofors Defence, it fired a 2-pound, 40mm (1. This automatic cannon is often simply called the Bofors gun and saw service on both land and sea. (Source: Modern Russian Armor, Fofanov). Even without the original Reflector Sighting System or the much maligned Kerrison Director, this kit can be confidently placed in any scenario applicable to the British AMMO CANS-USED ARMY 40MM AMMO CAN. $57. The racks will add another dimension to your 40 mm gun tubs and the ammo clips are just awesome. 3 mm holes insert Read more… WW II - Two twin 40mm Bofors guns, practicing for battle. This gun served on the USS Downes, which was hit while in dry dock during the attack on Pearl Harbor. com) The Kidd has the casings ready, courtesy of the Air Force. 5" x 5" S144-12 Floater Net S144-13 Vertical Ladder S144-14 Page 2 of 4 - Bofors 57 mm Mk 3 naval gun in an armored vehicle - posted in AFV Forum: Also 120 rpm I believe. 40 mm lvakan m/48: the famous 40 mm Bofors gun, L/70, firing a WW2 AP round. Ammo Type: Normal Used By Destroyer Light Cruiser Twin 40mm AA L60 Bofors T2 Type: AA Gun Rarity: Rare ★★★ Nation: Eagle Union Stats 12 Damage: 37mm ammo, 12 gauge ammo, specialty ammo, exploding targets, tannerite, 37mm launchers, 37mm reload kit, 37mm reloading supplies, 37mm load data, AR-15 parts Need parts for your 40mm Bofors Cannon? Shop for U. 50/40mm ammo box 1/35 Scale. Find your new 37mm product here. According to globalsecurity. Did not last very long and was retired long before the 40mm. A. $139. Most of the ammo he carried on board in Iraq and Afghanistan was 1950's vintage and newer suppliers weren't able to keep pace with demand. This Pin was discovered by Eric foy. This diagram shows the performance of various HEAT rounds. This arrangement fought in Europe at the end of WWII, in the hands of the Free French. Also, the 40mm Super 40 rounds used for the Mk44 Bushmaster are necked up 30mm rounds and you can fit just as many of them as you can 30mm rounds. Verlinden 1/35 Bofors 40mm Gun Ammunition Shells, Cartridges and Ammo Boxes 2540 See more like this 1943 US Army 40mm Bofors cannon anti-aircraft gun art Chrysler vintage print ad $37. Please try again later. Ammunition 30mm x 220 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 30/2 M53, 53/59(CS) Ammunition 37mm x 252 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 37mm M39(SU) Ammunition 40mm x 311 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 40mm L/60; Ammunition 40mm x 365 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 40mm L/70 "BOFORS" Ammunition 57mm x 348 for Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun 57mm S/68 and S/60 AR364 40mm Bofors case, Belgian, cut down Uncommon Belgian manufactured 40mm brass case dated 1939 and complete with primer. Inert. ) The 40mm M2A1 gun currently used on the AC-130 Gunship has Swedish roots dating back to the 1930s. A single 40mm L/70 autocannon is fitted on a turntable. While it has Dating from the 17th century, Bofors was a Swedish firm known for its steel and artillery. OTOBreda is now OTO-Melara. Melbourne Tank Museum Auction – Artillery Pieces This listing of artillery (excluding ammunition and tools etc) has been compiled from the Auction Catalogue and the separately published Sale Results Summary. Germany,japane,Hungary,England and others used the guns and I have never seen any “time” fuze development prior to the Sgt. This has the Navy Mark 3 case dated March 1944, and undated projectile. The aluminum fuze is marked: "MK27 LOT L S-7-57 12-43". So my wife brought home a bofors 40mm round from her grandfathers estate that he brought home from WW2. The Bofors 40 Mk4 naval gun system was designed to be an agile, flexible weapon systems that enable a lightning-quick response. Shop with confidence. This custom-printed ammunition crate holds several cartridges of 40mm rounds designed for the Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun. 00 40mm Bofors round with original unfired projectile. Those may come later. These are raelly great, genuine item for the collector or those who have a 40mm Bofos 1-35 Bofors Ammo Box Set1 (7CHY7G2JQ) by HOLDEN8702ND on Shapeways. Please let me know what you have available. They added a 40mm on a truck now too which really makes it effective with the extra mobility. Description: The Bofors 40mm Mk 3 L70 naval gun has been designed for use against air and surface threats such as aircraft, anti-ship missiles, fast boats and helicopters. a d b y W i s e B r e a d. All results related to "bofors 40mm" found on 80 scale modeling websites and the scalemates kit database. If you want a Bofors I'd recommend the T2 purple version of the gold Quad Bofors instead. The 40mm Bofors is a really fun general purpose weapons if you can get it deployed properly. The 40mm Bofors antiaircraft machine gun has had a short but vital history in the U. This shows that bigger guns are not always better. SALES HOMEPAGE. 40mm Shell Casing sold individually. The main self-propelled version of the Bofors used the gun set on the chassis of a Morris Commercial four-wheel drive lorry, this was known as the "Carrier, SP, 4x4 40mm, AA (Bofors) 30cwt". Developed from the Bofors 40 mm/70 Model 1948. The Boffin mounting was a twin 20 mm Oerlikon Mark V or Mark VC mounting modified to take a single Bofors 40 mm gun. Brand new. The instructions are very clear and straightforward: cut off the plastic parts as shown in diagrams drill 0. by AFV Club. The revised naval version is supposed to be capable of 300 rpm, which is impressive if true. QTY. org the 40 mm Bofors auto cannon assures lethality to all other light armored vehicles and even offers a chance to kill enemy tanks from flanking positions with its APFSDS-T ammo. Since I started this project some 17 years ago when there was almost no information available - or it was very hard to find - there are now many drawings, 3D models and photo's available. York program when a prox. A Swedish design dating from 1929, it was manufactured and used by all the Allied powers, beginning with the Poles in the mid-1930s, who also manufactured a number for the British. JPG 4,288 × 3,212; 2. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Such guns were used in support of Army divisions to provide swift protection against air attack without the need to unlimber. Shop CDVS for your 40MM. Per text printed on this photo's back, these guns are mounted on 'one of America's newest aircraft carriers--a sleek, streamlined warship converted from a light cruiser. I put it out in the shed, is it going to blow up my shed?!??? Swedish Bofors 40mm 3P - All Target Round. It was one of the most popular medium-weight anti-aircraft systems during World War II, used by most of the western Allies as well as various other forces. 00 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft training cartridge inert. a. Steel Cartridge cases, provided with 4-round clip and correct, original aluminum fuzes on each projectile. Museum HOMEPAGE. Again these are figures that I found on a forum for the PC game SPMBT but, due to the powers of the interweb, are now quoted as gospel. We offer more 37mm products at the best prices on the internet. - TP-T: target practice, training practice, tracer; - HE-T-SD: high explosive, tracer, with self-destruction The Swedish Bofors company developed their 40mm antiaircraft gun in the 1930s, and it would go on to be one of the most successful weapon designs in modern history. Naval Legends is a series about the Ammunition 30mm x 220 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 30/2 M53, 53/59(CS) Ammunition 37mm x 252 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 37mm M39(SU) Ammunition 40mm x 311 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 40mm L/60; Ammunition 40mm x 365 for Anti-Aircraft Gun 40mm L/70 "BOFORS" Ammunition 57mm x 348 for Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun 57mm S/68 and S/60 AR364 40mm Bofors case, Belgian, cut down Uncommon Belgian manufactured 40mm brass case dated 1939 and complete with primer. I always wanted either a 30/37 or 40mm wheeled ATC, but C216 British Ammo Boxes (40mm Bofors AA Gun) HKD68. 00: GJRECNCZM977BCH1VOUC: 1/35 AFV Kit: AFV Club: German FLAK 28 4cm AA Gun (Bofors German) HKD218. 50 for up to 18kg by courier. U. Ammo Box S144-8 Mk51 40 MM Gun Director S144-9 Anchor, BB or CV 1" x 1" S144-10 Anchor, Ca or C1 . Bofors L/70 40mm Anti-Aircraft Dummy Round. This gun also mounts the reflector sight that equipped the original Bofors versions. This is a twin 40mm Bofors gun and mount. 55 S96-53 20mm Sng. 00 Operational 40mm Bofors Canon. In this online version of the manual we have attempted to keep the flavor of the original layout while taking advantage of the Web's universal accessibility. It's just a question of whether they have AP ammo available or not. Military Cannons / Mortars / Recoilless Rifles / Launchers 40mm Bofors Cannon parts today with Numrich Gun Parts. T-72M1 with BM15 should be used for Iraqis in 1991 Gulf War scenarios. Just in front of the port-side wing, the 105mm artillery gun is mounted alongside a smaller 40mm Bofors cannon. 57 inch) high explosive projectile at a rate of 130 rounds per minute (a little over two every second). Air Force’s Special Operations Wing and obtained brass WWII-vintage Bofors casings for free. The Bofors 40 mm gun is an anti-aircraft autocannon designed by the Swedish defence firm of Bofors. 44 S96-46 Loudhailer $0. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. 40mm Bofors ammo in racks aboard an Air Force AC-130 (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns. The pic below (from the Ammo Photo Gallery on my website) shows the 40x158R used by the Vickers Class S gun and its Rolls Royce rival (which was basically the same ammo as the Naval 2-pounder pom-pom), plus the 40x311R used by the 40mm Bofors. 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft - WWII: The 40mm Bofors was arguably the most successful weapon of its type. The Swedish Navy first purchased antiaircraft guns from Bofors in the 1920s but desired a stronger, faster-firing weapon. The firm developed automatic guns in caliber ranging from 20mm to 57mm, but the 40mm because a tremendous commercial success. 80 S96-54 40mm Bofors Single $3. 00 • x5 Ammo Links • x5 U-Clips • x3 Ammo Clips • x2 13mm Shells • x2 20mm Shells • x2 40mm Grenades • x2 88mm Shell • Ammo Tab • U-Tab • Ammo Tray • 40mm Bofors Shells Clip • 40mm Single Shell • Howitzer Shell and Warhead • HE Shell Buy Now the m203/ak5 can deliver a varied payload of 40mm ammo, such as the m406 high explosive, m433 he armor piercing, m576 buckshot, m407 practice, m781 practice, smoke, parachute flare, tear gas, beehive/hornets nest and specialized 40mm "less than lethal" ammo email for price New 40mm cannon system handed over to British Army. But will be similar size*SHIPPING INCLUDED FOR LOWER 48 STATES* LOWER 48 STATES STREET ADDRESS ONLY(NOT PO BOX) ALL AMMUNITION CANS WILL BE PACKAGE FOR PROMPT SHIPMENT. Everything for sale on ima-usa. In the 1950’s it was improved to the L/70 model with an increased rate of fire. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. 40mm Bofors Anti Aircraft platoon - Finished! Although I think the bases could be doing with more detail (spend brass, ammo crates, etc). Honestly while that does apparently provide more storage for rounds equivalent to 40mm Bofors ammo, IIRC it still carries less ammo stowed compared to smaller calibers like the 30mm. 50 German WW2 5cm SprGr for PAK / KWK in original paint. In addition to the gun, the factory fashioned a “V” shaped shield forward of the mount and a short wall that surrounded the gun, on three sides. Nicely marked projectile and base of cartridge case. 1/72 Bofors Ammo Box Set101 (HNAZELZSV) by HOLDEN8702ND on Shapeways. 40 MM Antiaircraft Gun, OP 820, 1943, is a Navy service manual for the most widely used anti-aircraft gun of WW II. $15. - Two of my pictures will be posted below soon. E (Free From Explosives) Shipping UK and Europe ONLY Price Per Unit (2 avaliable) BUYERS MUST BE 18+ History: The Bofors 40 mm gun, often referred to simply as the Bofors gun, is an anti-aircraft autocannon designed in the 1930s by the Swedish arms manufacturer AB Bofors. Object Registration d/0272 Keywords bofors 40 mm, anti aircraft gun, shell, r. These are Military Grade 40mm smoke rounds. N. This is how the Bofors 40mm AA gun came into being. 22 bbl's are inserted. The 40mm Bofors L/60 autocannon was a highly versatile anti-aircraft and multi-purpose autocannon used mainly by the Allies in World War II. S&H INCLUDED USED ARMY 40MM AMMUNITION CAN 40MM(17 1/2"X14 1/4"X7 1/4" Not actual 40mm can in photo. I own a spent 2-pounder cartridge case and a complete (inert) 40mm Bofors cartridge and shell. I don't know if its live, but it feels heavy, and it doesn't appear to be drilled tapped or fired. Ammo Box $0. 1936 40mm AAA Machinegun used at coastal fortifications pic1. A gun shield is fitted on the front and the side and ammunition is stowed behind the two operators. At 200 - 220 rounds per minute you could run up quite an ammo bill for an afternoon at the range, but you would be the coolest guy there. INERT AMMUNITION. It can go from warning to destruction in less than 0. Common measurements, and their respective conversions, are shown The Bofors L/70 is a towed single barrel anti-aircraft gun. The thing is, you can’t just call Aguila or somebody and whistle up 1,200 inert 40mm shells, so the museum has a plan to roll their own. AFV Club AFAG3540 Brass Bofors 40mm Ammo Set 1:35 by AFV Club. AU $17. These are in general good weapons, having high rates of fire and some with dual-feed (HE and AP) capabilities. In short, I could not resist the call of the truck and I began to build, just as see my bench vacated and clean. 86 $ 57. 75mm Gun Ammo Set (Brass) TW60015 AMERICAN VOLUNTEER GROUP / U. The initial design was the result of a collaboration between the German firm Krupp and the Swedish company AB Bofors during the years immediately following WWI. Thanks to Gene Yetter and Brandt Rosenbush for additional material. Looking for 37mm Bofors/Pak Brass for reloading or live ammo. In the 1960s, OTOBreda started building the Model 1948 under license from Bofors, but since that time they have developed many of their own versions. Bofors to the rescue: Before the Bofors and Oerlikon guns, there were no effective long-range anti-aircraft weapons between five-inch batteries and pom-poms. In spite of the successful development, the Swedish Navy changed its mind and decided it needed a smaller hand-swung weapon of 13 mm-25 mm size, and tested various designs from foreign suppliers. The Swedish Bofors L60 has served as the antiaircraft gun of choice for countless nations. Originally invented by Bofors Ordnance, Karlskoga, Sweden as the Model 1934, you could say the gun was 17398001-BOFORS 40/57 mm 3P The Bofors 3P ammunition and APFSDS-T Mk I are in service today and The Bushmaster IV is under development. OK guys its been a while, lot of stuff going on, so now that its quiet today Ill sit down and do my 3rd in the series, the 40mm Bofors mount. They are not the same size, the Bofors is slightly bigger and remember that the Bofors barrel was also longer. PT-174’s 40mm Bofors. There are two main types in service: the 40×46mm, which is a low-velocity round used in hand-held grenade launchers; and the high-velocity 40×53mm, used in mounted and crew-served weapons. 33 S96-47 MK 51 40mm Gun Director $0. On the 23 rd April1937 the British, highly impressed by demonstrations of the Bofors gun, decided to buy 100 of these guns along with 500,000 rounds of ammunition. Rheinmetall’s family of 40mm products also includes practice versions of its low, medium and high velocity cartridges with a 100% ballistic match to our service ammunition. These rounds include high-explosive, illuminating, signaling, CS, training, and multi-purpose ammunition. Shop CDVS for Ammunition, Dummy rounds, projectiles, powder, cases, primers and more. The Bofors 40mm gun was first developed in the early 1930s, in response to a 1928 request by the Swedish Navy for a ship-mounted anti-aircraft weapon. They are available in Yellow, Green, Red, and white. Your mission matters, so does your gear. The crate includes six BrickArms four-round 40mm cartridges. The rim diameter of the CTAS round is the same as that of the Bofors 40mm case, but the Bofors round is twice as long. Some corrosion on one side, and assorted scrapes on the case and tip of fuze, but pretty nice overall. Vintage US Military 40MM Bofors 16 Round Ammunition Steel Ammo Box Can Crate High Desert Metal 40MM OD Green Ammo The 40 mm grenade is a military grenade caliber for grenade launchers in service with many armed forces. As Rider's version has issues and he has not fixed them in over a year now. by David Zatz. 00 $ 15. 95 S96-52 20mm Sng. 95. Find great deals on eBay for 40mm ammo can. $4. The BM-15 was the most advanced 125mm KE ammo type available to client states until after 1991. This is set number # NW35023 Platform & Ammo Storage for WWII US 40mm Bofors AA Guns with a list price of $13. 09s per volley/wave Angle: 360° Range: 28 Ammo Type: Normal Used We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. I wondered about the range disparity, between the Bushmaster and Bofors. The M1 anti-aircraft gun is the single barrel 40mm Bofors which was in service in the United States Army during the Second Wolrd War. 7" x 7" S144-11 Anchor DD or DE . Elevation was -10 to about +70 degrees. Dated 1955 Korea. Barry A collector friend has several WW2 era Canadian Mk V 40mm Bofors cases and would like to know if anyone can provide more information about them. This feature is not available right now. The gun and mount is in good condition. This is where the guns and ammo came from. Since the Bofors is an underscored 40L and has no other ammo depletion notes on the flip side, it has unlimited AP. M320, M203, and M79 grenade launchers. They appear to be British/Commonwealth Mk IV cases, but fitted with US type pressed in primers. The system is based on a 4 wheel chassis that is fitted with four outriggers. AG35032 > Dan, I can get you the ac-130 40mm shells, i have a couple, whats your email ill send pics You can also find them from stores of Destroyer 40mm Bofors from WWII. If they are roughly accurate, the 40mm Bofors was a pretty effective AA defense. MK285 40mm High Velocity Ammunition. First Installations afloat were made In the early summer of 1942. As you can see from the list we have an extensive range of inert ammunition, however unfortunately now the Royal Mail will no longer carry these items, and our only means of delivery is £16. Ammunition, grenades, mortar shells, mines, other related ordnance, and militaria 20mm Ammo 23 to 35mm Ammo 37 to 40mm Ammo 45 to 70mm Ammo 75 to 40mm Bofors Find great deals on eBay for 40mm ammo and 40mm shell. It is always a surprise to me when totally obscure weapons get kitted whereas some of the most influential ones in history are ignored. 40MM Bofors projo's Worked a few minutes and was able to open the mouth of the cases. 2 shells (complete) for a Bofors 40mm Anti Aircraft Gun used by the R. The name Bofors is strongly associated with the 40 mm anti-aircraft gun used by both sides during World War II. 1942 dated and has primer in place. Axis History Forum. Navy. If fired into snow or mud, 40mm rounds may not hit hard enough to detonate. US Tactical Supply the premiere provider of quality tactical accessories. None of the fuzes for the US 40mm ammo of WW2 and later were “time” fuzes. 35 MB Links from one product to another on the Scale Hobbyist site should not be construed as a recommendation or guarantee of compatibility. And that's my problem how, exactly? You've specified exactly zero times what vehicle you're talking about, your thread only mentions the 40mm bofors, which is what the M19 uses as well as several other vehicles. H R Products is a Supplier and manufacturer of white metal castings in Assorted Scale for World War II Ship Modelers, Dioramas, and Miniatures. --- At left is the same inert 40mm Bofors projectile of US manufacture dated 1942. Famous Bofors Gun Ammo, 40mm L60, used during and after WWII by many countries. 00 per round, with more sophisticated, guided rounds in development. The Bronco Bofors Ordnance QF 40mm Anti-Aircraft Mk I/III is an inclusive, well detailed & accurate rendition of an extremely effective & widely used piece of ordnance. The shorter reload doesn't really justify the huge cut to damage though